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Creative Producer - Writer - Director



Ellen is a creative producer and comedy writer & director living in Los Angeles, and she's writing this in third person, so buckle up. 

Recently, she produced, wrote and directed an internal learning video for Goodyear with Wolff Island about a performance review gone wrong. She’s incredibly proud of the short film “Ellen Needs Insurance,” a comedy about the absolutely hysterical topic of navigating health care in the United States, and she’s the co-author of the humor book “Cinderella and the Glass Ceiling and Other Feminist Fairy Tales.” You can check out more of her commercial and comedy work if you keep scrolling. 


Her philosophy about story telling is rooted in the attitude of one of her withholding British acting teachers who hated when students highlighted their lines, because: “Your lines are not the most important part of the play. The play is the most important part of the play.


Meaning - above all, the story is what counts. And having a blistering accent to dispense wisdom with doesn't hurt either. 


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